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Microsoft ODBC 17

To install Microsoft ODBC driver 17 for SQL Server on macOS, run the following commands:

Previous versions

The following sections provide instructions for installing previous versions of the Microsoft ODBC driver on macOS.

ODBC 13.1

Use the following commands to install the Microsoft ODBC driver 13.1 for SQL Server on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra):

Driver files

The ODBC driver on macOS consists of the following components:

Resource file loading

The driver needs to load the resource file in order to function. This file is called msodbcsqlr17.rll or msodbcsqlr13.rll depending on the driver version. The location of the .rll file is relative to the location of the driver itself (so or dylib), as noted in the table above. As of version 17.1 the driver will also attempt to load the .rll from the default directory if loading from the relative path fails. The default resource file path on macOS is /usr/local/share/msodbcsql17/resources/en_US/


If you are unable to make a connection to SQL Server using the ODBC driver, see the known issues article on troubleshooting connection problems.

Next steps

After installing the driver, you can try the C++ ODBC example application. For more information about developing ODBC applications, see Developing Applications.

Mac Odbc Excel


Documentation of ODBC interfaces and methods.

Odbc Driver For Mac


Microsoft Odbc For Oracle Download

Information about support options can be found on the Microsoft Help and Support Web site.



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